Friday, April 6, 2012

More Party Projects

I've been working on some more things for the party.

First up are bunches of Tissue Paper Pom Poms. These red, white & blue ones will hang behind the boys' chairs so the background of the cake smashing pictures will be cute!

These ones will be attached to sticks that we painted making them into Truffula Trees that will decorate other areas of the room.

These last 2 pictures are sneak peaks at the thing I am most excited for at the party, but you will have to wait until the party is over to find out exactly what that is!

The ham is made from a circle of cardboard and some balled up tissue paper. The eggs are made from white caulk and ping pong balls. We spray painted the ham and ping pong balls green, then I used a circle of white paper and Sharpie to add the details to the ham. (Still need to add the fork to the ham.)

Any guesses as to what this stuff is for??

Time for me to get back to working on more projects! Hope you enjoy your Easter weekend!

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