Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Spring 2013...if you can call this weather Spring

It's been an interesting season here is Wisconsin.  Just when we think the weather is making a turn for the better, we get another cold spell.  Or even 16 inches of snow...that's what happened on May 2nd!  I think we are out of the woods when it comes to the snow storms, now if it could just warm up and stay that way for awhile!!  (Keep in mind these pictures are in chronological order!)

Riding around the house with their shades on.

Just a little snow left. We were so ready for some outside time! 

Relaxing with the magna-doodles

  No more snow and no more coats! Our annual visit to the S&S Sugar Bush to pick up our Maple Syrup and eat some delicious pancakes. 

Shorts and John Deere Tractors!

At least the boys enjoyed it for a bit!

One lazy Saturday morning. :) When they wake up at their usual 6:00AM on the weekends we toss them in the middle of our bed and try to get another hour of sleep...this particular Saturday it actually worked!

The snow is gone again!

Golf cart rides at Grandpa's house. 

Mother's Day campfire 

More sandbox time 

And a few pictures from our family photo session...

So that's what we have been up to the past couple months. I have 7 more days of school and am looking forward to summer vacation with my boys! I'm hopeful that the weather will turn around for good so we can enjoy a lot of time outside. 

Have any fun summer plans?