Monday, January 31, 2011

Been working on the nursery...

Well, kind of! It's all cleaned out - except for the computer and desk since I haven't found a desk that will work in the new computer area yet. Last week, we found the changing table/dresser that we wanted on craigslist so we took a trip across the twin cities to pick it up...totally worth the long drive! Saturday we ended up at Babies R Us and I bought the changing pad and cover for it.
See those 2 boxes of diapers on the shelf? They will last us about 7 days! I'm really hoping to switch to cloth diapers once the babies weigh about 10 lbs.

My dad has been busy building cribs! On Saturday, he sent me a text message saying that all 8 sides were assembled! Now he is working on the finish. Can't wait to bring them to our house and put them all together! Dads are the best!!
Here he is working on one of the 'headboard' pieces, while mom 'supervises'!

Andrew's holding a completed 'footboard' (front side of the crib.)

And this is the pile of scraps!

Today I had my 28w Growth Scan. Both babies are looking great! Baby A weighs around 2lbs 13oz and Baby B is up to 3lbs. Both heartbeats were around 135-140. Baby B has also moved from being transverse (sideways) to being breech meaning I have a head under my ribs...I guess it's just payback since I was a breech baby and stuck my head under my mom's ribs!

With tomorrow being the start of PTI's Anniversary Month, I hoping for some challenges (and prizes) that will motivate me to head back to my craft table! Can't wait to see what all they have in store!

Thanks for stopping by!