Saturday, February 2, 2013

"Welcome Baby" card

Since when do I get to post something to my blog two days in a row?  I know, I can't believe it either!  But, I just finished this baby card and the boys were still napping, so I decided to play around with the Manual settings on my camera and try to get a decent picture of it.  And after a few attempts, I *think* I got one...and the boys are still asleep so I figured I'd get it posted quick!

And, how about a cute picture from bath time the other night??

I think this was taken just seconds before I got attacked by their crazy splashing!  I guess that's one way to get the bathroom floor clean! :)

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Preschool Project: Jj is for Jellyfish

I love how technology is continually changing the way I teach. A few years ago our classrooms were equipped with SMART Boards and now I'm not sure how I taught without one. And now that everyone is sharing and pinning amazing ideas online, I'm not sure how I planned lessons and projects without Pinterest!

Last summer, I found these adorable jellyfish on Pinterest.

I knew I had to make them with my preschoolers during our Letter Jj week, BUT everyone knows a teacher's budget is small; there was no way I could afford to buy enough ric rac and fancy ribbon for 37 jellyfish. Time to brainstorm a cheap alternative...

Enter the plastic bag!

I flattened the bag and cut off the bottom seam.

Then I re-flattened the bag and folded it in half, then in half again. 

I cut the folded bag into 3 squares.

I cut the squares into circles.

Then I held the layers together tightly and cut a spiral all the way to the middle.  If you have a good sharp scissors, the layers hold together better making it easier to hold onto and cut.

Separate the layers and Ta-da! Awesome jellyfish "guts" for free!  

This is everything I was able to cut from one bag.  It would be enough for 2-3 jellyfish, depending on how full you want the guts.  And here is the final product...

To complete the jellyfish, I was lucky enough to have a pretty decent stash of ribbon, and some great parents who donated some as well, to use for the ribbons around the outside of the jellyfish. And the bowls were only a few dollars at Target. So we were able to make our jellyfish for super cheap! I think they are adorable with the white Target bags, but I'm planning to save up colored plastic bags for when we do this next year!

We followed the rest of the directions as stated here on the scrapbooks etc. blog.  The preschoolers were able to paint their own bowl, glue the ribbon along the rim of the bowl and add the googly eyes.  Then I threaded the fishing line and they helped me add the strands of plastic bag.  They look so fun hanging in our hallway and classroom!

Have you come across any projects that you have been able to modify so they were cheaper to make?  

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