Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Break!

It's Spring Break here and I am taking full advantage of that! I couldn't go anywhere warm this year, but it's been pretty nice out here anyway. I got to start the week with a massage (birthday present from my parents)...not sure what part I liked better, the actual massage or being able to lay on my stomach for 90 minutes!? Then my best friend, Kari, had given me a gift card to a spa for my birthday so I went for a pedicure on Tuesday. Now instead of plain old swollen feet, I have cute swollen feet!!

Amidst the pampering, I have been quite productive. Remember those quilts I started after Christmas? Well, as of yesterday, both tops are finished!! Woo-Hoo!! Now I just have to have them quilted and bind the edges!

Here are some close ups...
Not all of my corners meet this well, but why photograph a bad corner? It's actually a very forgiving quilt pattern, and unless you are looking for them, you don't even notice the wonky corners!
4 weeks or 28 days or 672 hours or 40,320 minutes...however you want to put it, that's how long we have until these babies arrive! You have a couple more weeks to vote in our gender poll if you haven't already.

I'm off to be a model today! My cousin is a hairstylist, and she is teaching some color classes and asked if I wanted to be her model...maybe I should have asked which class she was teaching before agreeing, hopefully it's not "Choosing the Right Shade of Purple 101" or something!! :)

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Baby Shower Thank You

Tomorrow is our first Baby Shower so I decided I should whip up some Thank You cards today.

We have been working on the nursery over the past couple weeks. The cribs my dad built are amazing! Last weekend I found curtains and we bought car seats. Less than 6 weeks to go now! If you haven't voted in our gender poll, check out my previous post and cast your vote on the right side of my blog.
I have weekly ultrasounds now until they are born, here are a couple pictures from this weeks. They were so wiggly it was hard to get clear pictures, but they needed to wiggle to "pass" the test so I guess they were just being good "students"!

Baby A weighed in at 4lbs 7oz and is head down. Baby A spends most of his/her time kicking Baby B in the face...awesome, right?? I just hope it doesn't continue once they are born! :)

Baby B weighed in at 4lb 12oz and is breech. I was also a breech baby and my mom has told me many times how much it hurt to have my head in her ribs...I am quickly realizing what she meant! Baby B is getting good at blocking the kicks to the face with his/her fists.

My doctor told me I look better than many singleton mom's do at 32 weeks! She also told me that I probably won't get any stretch marks on my stomach at this point!! WOO-HOO!! Then she said that also means my skin will bounce back better since it isn't 'damaged'. I had come to terms with the idea of "Twin Skin" so the possibility of not having a stretch marked flap of skin was certainly exciting news!

Whether I end up with "Twin Skin" or not, we are so excited that April is almost here and that my pregnancy has been so easy. Hope you are having a great Saturday!

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Supplies: (All Papertrey Ink unless noted)
Cardstock: Kraft, Vintage Cream
Stamps: Baby Button Bits, Star Prints, A Little Argyle
Ink: Dark Chocolate, Hawaiian Shores, VersaMark
Other: Sweet Blush Twill Ribbon, Hawaiian Shores Button, Cream Button Twine, American Crafts ZING! Clear Embossing Powder