Monday, August 20, 2012

My Classroom Transformation: Part 2

I just got home from my classroom and IT'S FINISHED!!  It was so nice to walk out of there knowing it was all ready for Open House on Wednesday.  That also means it's time to start sharing it with you!  I'll be sharing it over the course of several posts because it's just too much to pack into one.

It's come along way from the pictures I shared yesterday!

Here's a shot of the doorway.  Check out that paint color!!  So much warmer and inviting.  (I still need to add some paint to the door frame.)  In the rest of this shot, you can see my aide's desk on the far left, my construction paper storage unit (more on that later), storage for a bunch of misc. stuff, and a $5 mirror from Target that I added above the sink. I also chose that space to display the Colors since bulletin board space is limited.  You can kind of see a 1 on the soap dispenser and a 3 on the paper towel dispenser.  We use those to remind the kids they get 1 pump of soap and 3 pumps of paper towels. And see that blue fabric at the top of the picture?  I'm pretty sure it's my favorite part of the room...

I used 30 yards of fabric (10 yards in each color) and draped it from the ceiling/beams using velcro, shoe glue, and fabric glue. (And some math skills!) I took this picture while sitting on the floor, so it's from the perspective of the students.

Not only does bring the ceiling down, cozy up the space, and soften the lighting, it also covers up the ugly ceiling!

Here's what is looks like when you walk into the room. 

I also used fabric (7 yards) to cove those dated colored panels above the windows.  I cut it long enough to cover the ugly roller shades as well.  You can see one of the shades is pulled down a bit in this picture, but when they are all the way up, they disappear behind the fabric. 

Both of these fabric projects required ZERO sewing.  I used hem tape to finish the raw cut edges on the ends of the fabric and I purposely chose fabrics that had color all the way to the salvage edge...there wasn't a white strip with the fabric brand or it didn't require a hem.  The solid colors are just plain quilter's cotton and the print above the windows is a Batik.  All the fabric is hung with velcro.  Shoe Glue worked like a charm to attach the velcro to the ceiling and Alene's Tacky Glue held the velcro to the fabric.

Any other teachers out there add 37 yards of fabric to their room?  Attach anything else to the ceiling?  Make a fun window treatment?  I'd love to see what you did!

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Jennifer K said...

Wow! What a transformation. I want to be in your classroom. It looks absolutely amazing.