Monday, September 29, 2014

Jude Laurence: 2 months old

Jude at 2 months:
Weight: 15 lbs. 8 oz
Length: 26 3/4 inches
Diaper Size: 2
Clothing Size: 3-6 month and Carter's 6 month
Eating: Nursing 7 times a day, every 3-4 hours during the day and once in the middle of the night
Looks like: You seem to have eyes like Ashton and a smile & chin like Ezra

We brought you to the Pierce County Fair this month. You slept a lot of the time we were there, but when you were awake you enjoyed riding in your stroller. You weren't too impressed with the parade, but you watched your brothers pick up a lot of candy.

Your Uncle Mitch married Ashley so you officially gained an Aunt and a cousin in the same day! You came with Mommy and Grandma Roxie to get our makeup done, then once we got to the church your Aunt Kylee took care of you while Mommy and Daddy took part in the wedding ceremony. Then we went to the reception and your Great Aunt Margo and Great Uncle Jeff watched you for quite awhile so Mommy and Daddy could enjoy dinner. After dancing with Mommy for a little bit, you napped with Kris Deiss. You were such a trooper the whole day!

Even though Mommy is not going back to work until October, we still went to set up her classroom and get things ready for her sub. You got your first ride on Grandpa Steve's golf cart - I think you are going to love that thing just as much as Ezra and Ashton do!

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