Friday, August 30, 2013

Stitch Fix #2

After leaving a lot of feedback regarding my First Fix, I decided to give Stitch Fix another chance. I tried to be even more specific about the colors that I wanted, and I think my stylist, Addie, did a great job!  

Never heard of Stitch Fix? It's an online personal styling company. You fill out a Style Profile, schedule a Fix for a $20 styling fee, and they send you 5 items.  You try them on, decide what to keep, return the rest in a pre-paid mailer, and apply the $20 styling fee to whatever you decide to keep.

I was anxious to open my box, but when I saw this, I knew I would be able to add something to my closet!

Item #1: Treena Space-Dye Sweater
This wasn't awful, but it just kind of hung there.  For $68, I need a sweater to do a little more for me than that!  I paired it with my new plum skinnies from American Eagle though...they are so soft and comfy! (Ashton just couldn't resist modeling with me!)  Status: Returned

Item #2: Melville Front Pleat Button-Up Blouse 
I wanted to love this, but it just didn't work.  The color is so pretty; I loved the sleeves, but it just didn't give me any shape.  Also, the loops for the buttons were so tight that I had to pull it over my head because I couldn't get the buttons undone and the bottom button was above my belly button, which was just weird to me.  (The necklace I have on was from my first fix!) Status: Returned

Item #3: Ballario Ruched Side Longsleeve Top 
I loved the style of this shirt, but it was made from a sheer meshy material that made me feel itchy (that's another "Water" thing.) I was also worried that it would snag easily, especially with 2 toddlers always climbing around on me and 38 preschoolers I will be in contact with everyday! Status: Returned

Item #4: Batik Dot Scarf
My husband was ready to get back into our air conditioned house, so I just threw this scarf on quick. Anyway, I don't do white, and I am not a polka-dot kind of least not on my clothing, so this was a no.  It was also $48, which is way more than I am willing to spend on a scarf. Status: Returned

 Item #5: Sadie Cowl Neck Jersey Tank
It was getting dark out, so the flash kicked in on the camera, but the color of this tank is fantastic! Once I figured out how to put it is a regular tank with an extra draped layer that is only attached at the shoulders so it looks confusing...I also loved how soft the fabric was and how it fit.  Status: Kept! And I am planning to wear it this weekend while it is still ridiculously hot and humid here in Western Wisconsin!

That was my second much better that the first! Want to try Stitch Fix?  If you decide to do it, I would love it if you signed up through my referral code so I can get a little credit towards my next Fix!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

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