Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Stitch Fix #1

For the past couple months, I have read several posts about Stitch Fix.  Have you heard of it??  Basically, after filling out your Style Profile, a Stitch Fix Stylist chooses 5 pieces of clothing and jewelry that they think you will love.  Then they mail it to you and you have 3 days to decide which items you want to keep.  There is a $20 styling fee, however, you can apply that fee to any of the items you decide to keep.

Today, my first Fix arrived!  Now, before I show you what I got, you should know that I am a "Water".  I won't go into a lot of detail...wait, who am I kidding, I am a Water and details are practically my life!  So let me of my best friends is a consultant for In Your Element.  When you go to an Element Workshop you learn what colors, patterns, styles, etc... work with your body's natural energy.  As a Water muted colors and colors with gray undertones (think gray, lilac, mauve, etc.)  and flowing, soft styles are great for me.  I tried really hard to convey that while filling out my style profile for Stitch Fix.  They even let you link to a Pinterest board so your stylist can get a better sense of what you like, so I linked up to this board.

So here we go...(Yes, I took this pictures in my boys' room...only place I could get somewhat decent lighting inside.)

Item #1: Paradiso Cowl Neck Short Sleeve Top
The style of this shirt is good, but the color is not!  It totally washes me out.  Also, while the cowl neck is good for a Water, this was almost too drapey for my small frame.  

Item #2: Martine Floral Print Wrap Dress
I specifically stated "No White" in 2 different places on my profile.  I also stated that any prints needed to be high contrast.  The fit of this dress was good, but lower cut and shorter than I prefer.  It was also a clingy material that is not great for my "post-twins-tummy".

Here is the styling card that was included with this dress (there is one for each item, but I didn't take pictures of them all).  At least there was a purple cardigan on the styling card...too bad it wasn't included in my Fix!
Item #3: Bryan Short-Sleeve Open-Front Cardigan 
Another color I specifically stated no  Again, sizing and style are okay, but this color does nothing for me.
I am also wearing the necklace I got in this picture, more on that later...
Item #4: Ivan Bejeweled Neck Tribal Print Tank
The blue color in this tank is awesome...perfect for a Water, however, it is paired with white which ends up washing me out.  The style is great...oval neckline and slightly flowy.

Item #5: Mini Circle Long Necklace
I will be keeping this necklace, it's simple, the perfect length and gives a great oval shape to whatever neckline I am wearing.

While, I definitely don't think the stylist hit it out of the park on this fix (I actually feel like she struck out! I feel like she just looked at my sizes and picked clothing completely disregarding anything on my Pinterest Board.)  It was still a fun experience. And now I get to go leave her feedback on each of these items...hopefully that will make my next Fix better.  (I am also going to request a different stylist next time.)
Want to get a Fix of your own?  If you do, I would love it if you'd use my referral code so I can get a $25 Stitch Fix Credit

And here is proof that dressing in my Element makes a difference.

This aqua colored shirt was washing me out...

...but look at my skin in this purple dress!  
(I promise I have the exact same makeup on and I am not any tanner.)

Thanks for stopping by!

**Stitch Fix has not paid or perked me in anyway. I just wanted to share my experience.**

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Belinda Langner said...

I don't think the white washes you out that much in the blue tank but maybe its just the pic? Try adding it with a cardi and see if that helps? :)

Loved seeing your box!