Sunday, June 3, 2012

Springtime Wrap Up

It seems blogging has ended up on the bottom of my To Do List again.  It's been an especially busy Spring and I am ready for what should be a relaxing and stress free couple months. (Beginning Wednesday once my classroom is emptied out so new carpet can be installed!!)

Aside from normal day to day things, I have also been working on renewing my Teaching License for another 5 years.  For new educators in Wisconsin, this involves completing a "Professional Development Plan" or PDP.  I was WAY behind on the recommended timeline for doing each component, but thanks to Andrew taking the boys outside to play on a few occasions, I was able to get it finished, find 3 certified educators to approve my work, and will be able to mail my paperwork and $100 to dpi this week!

Here are some pictures from our more exciting Spring events...

Today we are headed to our first graduation party of the season! It's supposed to be a beautiful day! Hope you are enjoying the day as well!

Thanks for stopping by!


Suzanne said...

Anika, they've gotten so big and are as cute as ever! I love the expressions on their faces in these photos. So precious! You look so happy too!

Mutzy Mia said...

They are getting so big and are so cute! Don't apologize for not blogging more...those precious little guys and your husband are your first priority! It was fun to see the'll enjoy summer!

Jennifer K said...

Goodness Anika, those boys are sure cute. I love the one where they're hugging. Adorable!