Thursday, February 2, 2012

Trendy Tots #5: 9 months old!!

I'm joining the Trendy Tots Party on A Real-Life Housewife's Blog this week. Here are the boys' 9 month pictures! It's hard to believe they are 3/4 of a year old already!
I am in love with their argyle sweaters from The Children's Place! Their jeans are lined with flannel and are from Old Navy and their black velcro shoes are from Babies R Us.

And here are their individual shots...

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!

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Kim said...

Twins!! What a couple of studs. Those pants sound like they are really warm and cozy. Thank you so much for linking up to the party, I hope you continue to! I used to want to have twins until I had J and saw how hard it is with one!