Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Little Bundle

As I mentioned in my last post, my best friend has a new little bundle! Her daughter is absolutely adorable and I'm sure my boys will be fighting over her before we know it! Now that I know this card safely arrived in California, I thought I'd share it with you too.

And since I can't seem to write a post these days without adding a picture or two of my little are a couple shots I caught this past weekend.

Happy Wednesday! Thanks for stopping by!


Sue Ann said...

Cute card but sorry to say not as cute as those boys ...... good lord they are yummy!!!

Ann said...

Amazed you can still find time for card making Anika! ;o) I'd spend all my spare time just looking at those beautiful babies!

Great card by the way!!!

Kara said...

very cute are your boys??!!??

christy compton hall said...

Splendid! I adore your card, and the boys are full of adorable personality! Best picture of Ashton EVER & you caught Ezra smiling! And are those peeks of your quilts I see
? ;)

Anna (doctorfoodie) said...

This is such an amazing card!!! I love the doily details on the dotted paper (genious!), and how you placed the mat stack dies off centre. The ribbon snippet is super cute too. Thanks for sharing!

Jen Carter said...

Oh my your boys are soooo adorable!! I LOVE seeing pictures of them, so keep them coming!!

Your card is really pretty! I am sure your friend will LOVE it!