Thursday, February 17, 2011

Boys, Girls or One of Each? What do you think?

Today marks 8 weeks until we meet our babies! To say we are excited would be an understatement! We are thrilled that the day is quickly approaching! My best friend (who is also expecting) posted a gender poll on her blog and since my maternal instincts are really lacking in this department, I thought it would be fun to see what all of you think we're having. So, I have a dozen Old Wives Tales and a recent picture of my bump to help you decide!

Old Wives Tale: Heart Rate - If the baby’s heart rate is above 140 bpm, it is said that the baby will be a girl. If it is under 140 bpm, then it will be a boy.

Early on, both babies had heart rates in the high 160's, but by week 20 or so, they had dropped to the 140's. At our 30 week appointment yesterday, they were both at 135 bpm. With the differences here, you'll have to decide if you want to go by early heart rates or the more recent ones.

Old Wives Tale: Shape of Belly - If you are carrying high with a big, round belly, you are having a girl. If you are carrying low with a smaller belly that sticks straight out, it’s a boy.

You can judge for yourself by the picture, but I would definitely say that I am carrying low and that my bump sticks straight out - my husband says that you still can't tell I'm pregnant if you see me from behind, that would mean boys.

Old Wives Tale: Shape of Mom’s Face - When your face gets fuller and rounder when pregnant, it means you’re going to have a girl. If your face is long and narrow, it’s a boy.

I haven't noticed any changes to the shape of my face, so that means boys.

Old Wives Tale : Key Test - This test involves a key. If you pick up a key at the top (the roundest part), you are going to have a boy. If you pick up the key at the bottom (smallest part), you are going to have a girl. If you happen to grab the key in the middle, congrats, it’s twins!

So I had to leave this one in the mix because I always grab a key by the middle. :)

Old Wives Tale: Mayan Tale - The Mayan tale adds the mothers age at conception and the year of conception. If the result is a even number then mom is having a girl. If the result is an odd number then a boy is on the way!

26 + 2010 = 2036, so even = girls.

Old Wives Tale: Acne - If you have acne while pregnant, it’s a girl. It’s thought that acne during pregnancy is caused by the extra hormones.

I have definitely had crazy, acne prone skin throughout my pregnancy, so if this OWT holds true, it's girls.

Old Wives Tale: Cravings - People believe that if you are craving salty foods while pregnant, you can count on having a boy. If you crave sweets, fruit, and orange juice, you are having a little girl.

I rarely crave salty foods, but sweet things always sound good! (You may want to take into consideration the fact that I'm mostly Swedish and Norwegian before assuming this means I'm having girls!)

Old Wives Tale: Skin under Left Eye - The eye test is when a “V” or “branches” appear when you pull down the skin under your left eye. If you see a “V” or “branches” in the white part, you’re having a girl.

No "V" or "branches" to speak of, just one squiggly line, so this one points to boy.

Old Wives Tale: Dream of Gender of Baby - If you have dreams that you are having a boy, you will have a girl. If you dream about having a girl, it will be a boy. Dreams show the opposite of what you are having.

I had a dream that they were both girls, so according to this OWT, that means we will have boys.

Old Wives Tale: Side You Most Rest On - If a pregnant woman prefers to lay on her left side, she’s having a boy. If she prefers resting on her right side, she’s having a girl.

I always fall asleep on my right side. But when I'm laying on the couch watching TV, I lay on my left side.

Old Wives Tale: Morning Sickness - If you had a smooth pregnancy with no morning sickness, it’s a boy. If you were sick or felt really nauseous during your pregnancy, count on a girl.

I had NO Morning Sickness, so we'll go with boy on this one.

Old Wives Tale: Hair on Legs - If the hair on your legs has been growing at record speeds, you might be having a boy.

I think the growth rate of my leg hair has slowed down dramatically. Girls??

So what do you think?? Boys? Girls? A Boy and A Girl? Cast your vote at the top right hand side of my blog!



Dana said...

I loved reading this post Anika! I had no idea about so many of the OWTs...very cool thoughts.
Whatever you have I wish them to be healthy...

Sara Mac said...

8 weeks to go huh? How exciting for you and your hubby! I wish you all the best and two healthy babies. Loved reading this list. I have two girls and some of these held true, other's didn't. Like your experience, it's a mixed bag. Can't wait to hear when you have the babies!

If Love Was Water, I'd Give You The Sea said...

Hmmm, it looks to me like people are taking the 50/50 easy way out with one of each, but I'm going to be bold and say two boys (can you imagine the wrestling fests in your house with two boys, yikes!). You look beautiful (as always), can't believe it's 8 weeks out, the time will fly! Love you!

Sue Ann said...

The only thing I am sure of is that 1. Momma and Daddy will love them more and more with each breath they take and 2. They have your genes so they will be beautiful inside and out .......

Mutzy Mia said...

You are looking GREAT! Loved your post today. I'm thinking personally it would be fun to have one of each but my gut tells me you'll have boys. Enjoy these last 8 weeks!

Suzanne said...

You look beautiful, Anika! If I had to guess, I would say boys. I loved reading all the OWTs, too! :)

Lisa said...

I didn't know you were expecting TWINS! Very exciting and a belated CONGRATULATIONS!!!

christy compton hall said...

You know I think it's boys. I have the pointy/low belly, the narrow face, clear skin, and less morning sickness, compared w/ my previous girl. But, their heart rate is over 140, my # is even, crave sweet & salty, prefer the right & have little leg hair. So the OWTs are a mixed bag.

My guys are ~4 & 4 1/2 lbs & in position. Still teaching 260 6-8th graders, but my doc did sign for a handi placard :)

Diane Jaquay said...

Anika, you look so BEAUTIFUL! There's just nothing more lovely than a big ole pregnant belly :)

leish said...

Whoa, after reading this..It's all girl for me! How strange! LOL, right down to the craving orange juice.

Hmm, I think you'll get one of each! =)


Ann said...

I've guessed one of each - that's the fav so far. Just hope they don't keep you waiting too long! Still blooming I see!

Brianna B said...

I guessed one of each. But boy u look GREAT-8wks left and twins! I am way bigger with one by that point!

Karen said...

Anika I can't believe your having twins! Your soooooo tiny and very cute too! lol I wish I looked half as good as you when I was pregas alllll those years ago!


Jen Carter said...

Too fun!! I voted for 2 girls!

Kelly Braund said...

You're right, a lot of those tend to go towards girls! But with 2 in there, who knows! :)
Just wanted to say you look gorgeous & congrats! :) I know it will be crazy at first, but enjoy every little cuddly moment you can!

Linda said...

You are so blessed! The cribs are fabulous!! And they can pass them on to their children, knowing that Grandpa made them. The gender poll is fun, but just have two healthy, happy babies. You look wonderful. Keep smiling!!

BethieJ said...

I LOVED all the old wives tales.. heard alot of them when I was expecting.. and I dont think one came true! HA HA! I know my Justin had a High Heart Rate the whole time!

When I was expecting Amanda.. a lady asked when I was do.. I said April.. she said oh its a girl! (now she was.. but really are only girls born in April.. I think not! HA HA! But it made me LOL!)

I am gonna say one of each! :) Best of luck cant WAIT to see baby photos!!