Tuesday, February 11, 2014

20 weeks...Halfway There!

Yesterday we had our 20 week ultrasound. Baby was a bit of a showoff - scratching it's forehead and nose, and wiggling around quite a bit.  Overall measurements put Baby in the 73rd percentile...weighing in around 12 ounces.  The heart rate ranged from 145-150 bpm.  The technician also noted that Baby has long toes; Daddy's toes are ridiculously long too. :)

While we don't want to find out the gender until Baby is born, I do enjoy guessing based on the many Old Wives Tales that exist.  Something I read recently said that if the placenta is on the right it's a girl and if it's on the left it's a boy.  So I asked the technician...mine is posterior, or smack dab in the back...so that didn't help at all, but it does explain why I felt so much movement early on.

Here is Baby scratching its nose. We also got a short video of this...so fun!

A good look at those long toes!

And here is a great profile shot...

For comparison, here is Ezra's profile at 20 weeks...

...and here is Ashton's profile at 20 weeks. (He was always wiggling so this was the best we got!)

Hard to believe we are already halfway through this pregnancy!  Praying the last half is as easy as the first half!


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