Sunday, April 14, 2013


Today my baby boys turned 2!  What a wild and crazy 2 years it has been!  We had a Dump Truck / Digger themed party yesterday.  I didn't put nearly as much time into the decorations and details as I did for their 1st birthday when we had a Dr. Seuss party, but here is what I did do...

Made a wreath for the front door...Caution Tape wrapped around a wreath form and orange cardstock for the sign 

 We had a couple sawhorses that we added a barricade stripe to.  One was on the front deck and this one is in the entry way.

Yellow and black cardstock and my cricut made this sign quick and easy to put together.  To make the black line around each sign, I just cut a square of cardstock slightly smaller and traced it carefully with a black Sharpie marker.

I added some balloons to the light fixture chain over the kitchen island, along with a twirly decoration I bought on

A couple CAUTION signs hung in various places

The food set up was my favorite!  We used Tonka Dump Trucks to hold the forks and spoons.  There are "DIG IN" signs hanging from the door pulls...

We put bags of chips in one giant dump truck...

 Then there was dessert!!  My fabulous Aunt make the cake along with the "dirt pile" which was rice krispie treats mounded up and covered with chocolate (and gummy worms, of course!)

 The 2 small dump trucks on the dirt pile and this big dump truck were filled with "Dirt Dessert"!  (AKA pudding, OREO crumbs and gummy worms...YUM!) 

We put the candles in the little dump trucks,  

 and after we sang, they got to dig in with their loader forks! 

We had a blast celebrating with our family and friends - even though we were slightly crowded in our house!  We are so blessed by these two little (or should I say BIG) dudes!


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Mutzy Mia said...

Your decorations and theme turned out darling! How cute to put their desserts in the little dump trucks. Thanks for sharing all the fun pictures.